July Favourites: Planners!

I LOVE planners!  They are one of my favourite things to own, especially when they look really cute or you can customise them.  I’m not going to lie though, a lot of the time I do slack off when it come to filling them in and I HATE that about myself but I’m trying to improve… I just love them so much!

So, here are 5 of my favourite planners of the summer.

1.) Kate Spade 17 month agenda

I adore this planner!  Kate Spade always has the cutest notebooks and stationary, this 17 month agenda is most definitely one of them!  It’s so fun and cute, a perfect purchase for the summer.

It costs £30, so is mid range when it comes to the cost.

2.) The Happiness Planner


I like that this planner is a little different from other planners out there.  This planner is the undated 52 week planner, my personal preference.  I love that at the beginning of each week there is a page for your personal and professional goals and at the end of each week there are pages for reflection.

Like the Kate Spade planner, this one is a mid range in price and costs £30.

3.) The Heidi Swapp Memory Planner


This planner is definitely more of a desk planner, rather than one you can put into your work, school, college or uni bag.  It is made from faux-leather and comes with a cute set of accessories, page protectors and dividers.  The thing I love most about this one is that it’s not like a lot of the planners we have here in the UK!  It has that cute American feel to it, and 122 accessories, making it fun and great to customise!

This planner costs £25 and with all of the accessories that come with, it’s definitely worth it!

4.) The Erin Condren Life Planner


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Erin Condren Life Planner!  There are so many designs to choose from, and every single one is customisable!  You can customise the colours, text, metal, size and layout so you can be sure your planner will be one of a kind!  You can also buy bundles of accessories and they have PLENTY to choose from!

The only thing which may put some people off is that they start at $50 and prices can very quickly build depending on your customisation’s & accessories.  There is also the question of postage which can be a bit much outside of the U.S.

This planner is definitely more towards the higher range in price.

5.) Filofax


If none of the previous planners fluff your marshmallow, there’s always the trusty Filofax.  Depending the one you choose, the prices can range from £12.50 – £135.  The great thing about Filofax planners is that you never have to buy another one if you take care of it!  All you need are new inserts for each calendar year, which can cost as little as £2.75 if you have a smaller planner.  The one pictured about is an A5 saffiano planner in raspberry!  If you want to carry it with you everyday then I recommend the next size down, however, if you plan on using it for school, college, university or work then I personally think it’s a great size!

This particular planner costs £45

You will be able find a link to everything featured, on the shop page.



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