My Morning Skincare Routine: Perfect For Dry Skin!

Most of the time it would seem that my skin doesn’t know what to do.  Occasionally it’ll have amazing days, but lately it seems to be VERY dry.  This probably has something to do with the fact that I don’t drink nearly enough water on a regular basis, however, the area that I live in could also have something to do with it.  Although my house is surrounded by a good amount of countryside, it’s also not too far away from factories and the polution of the 2 big cities I am sandwiched between.  So, with that being said I am constantly trying to hydrate and moisturise my skin.

Step 1:

I start by using No.7’s amazing melting gel cleanser, which costs £9.50 from Boots.  Although this is advertised for normal to dry skin, I find it a to be a great start to my skincare routine in a morning and again at night.  It turns from a gel into a cleansing milk once massaged into the skin with warm water and makes your face feel so soft.  I recommend using a cleansing brush like the the No.7 cleansing brush to really clean away any dirt from your pores.  This is priced at £24.95, also from Boots.

Step 2:

Next up I like to exfoliate using the Natural Konjac Sponge by Spa To You.  During a particularly dry day, or week I like to use it accompanied by an exfoliating face wash.  However, you can use the sponge by itself and its great!  The sponge costs £7.99 from Spa To You.


Step 3:

I finish off Clinique’s Moisture Surge Intese.  It does exactly what it says on the box and leaves your face feeling intensely hydrated,  smooth and soft!  Unlike a lot of other moisturisers that I have tried, it doesn’t leave your face wet or sticky and dries almost instantly.  It also feels super lightweight and not heavy, which I was half expecting when I bought it.  This moisturiser does cost £34 so may sound a little pricey, but I promise that if you suffer from very dry skin (or swim) it is so worth it!


Midweek I also like to give my skin a little extra love by using the Dermo Defense Face Mask by UNANI.  The Dermo Defense Face Mask is great for sensitive skin!  It helps protect, nourish and hydrate the skin while still removing impurities.  This mask costs around £13.


All product links are available on the ‘shop’ page.


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