Paul Hewitt Review

I recently discovered Paul Hewitt’s bracelets on Instagram and instantly wanted needed one. So I got my laptop, opened the site and went shopping!

I opted for the ‘PHREP Anchor Nylon Bracelet Navy Blue-Red-White’ which cost €29,90 (£26,39) and I received free post and packaging, so I was pretty happy about that!  Delivery from Germany was fast and took just 4 days.  I ordered my bracelet on the Saturday (of the bank holiday weekend) and it arrived the morning of the following Wednesday!

It came delivered in a small cute canvas drawstring pouch with a sticker and thank you card addressed to me, which I loved as it made the purchase feel more special and personal.  It showed that the company takes pride in their product and appreciation for their customers.

After recieving and wearing my bracelet I have to say I am in love with Paul Hewitt and will definitely be buying from them again very soon.  They get a 5* for service, delivery and product quality from me and I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

As usual I will upload a link to the shop page if you fancy checking out the site yourself 

A x


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