Miniature Wonderland

If you’ve ever been to Hamburg you may have visited the Miniature Wonderland, but if you haven’t you most definitely should.

The Miniature Wonderland is the largest model railway attraction in the world!  It is currently made up of nine sections spanning across three floors, and is still going through construction until 2020 when it will finally be completed.

The nine sections they have so far include: Resin, Knuffingen, Alps/Austria, Hamburg (of course), America, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Knuffingen Airport and the most recent section, which will be open at the end of September 2016, Italy.  Following the completion of Italy they plan to build France and are considering Africa, England or a futuristic landscape as the future construction projects.

The Miniature Wonderland really is a piece of art with an incredible attention to detail!  From plane crash’s and car accidents to superheros and people inside cafe’s.  Be sure to pay good attention when visiting and yes, you will most definitely miss a few things, there really is just so much to see here and it’s most definitely worth visiting more than once. 

Oh and why your here, make sure you keep an eye out for the resident nudists and those having sex… seriously, there’s quite a few!


This is place is definitely worth the visit and is the perfect day out for  people of any age.  I will warn you though, if you do visit (which you should!) then make sure you pre-book online before going to avoid the long queues because trust me, this place is jammed packed with visitors.

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