September 2016: What Would Audrey Do? 

Unlike the vast majority of Audrey Hepburn books out there, ‘What Would Audrey Do?’ is a guide as opposed to the usual biography. While it does talk about Audrey’s life and relationships, it also uses them to create a book that can help you make your way through life with her grace, wisdom and sophistication. After all, her beauty, generosity and style are all timeless. She was a woman who survived more setbacks in life than most people ever will, yet she managed to keep a kind and positive mind through it all. So who better to turn to for advice than the lovely Audrey Hepburn?

The book offers advice on everything you might need to work your way through a world filled with chaos and change.  Advice and words of wisdom from dating, seduction and balancing family and work, to styling, travel and how to take time for yourself!

Split up in to sections it makes it easy for those who are not big fans of reading, to find an area for which to focus on or dip in and out of.  It is also a perfect book for those who like to read a book from beginning to end, like myself, the ‘through readers’ as I like to call us.

I love this book so much and definitely recommend giving it a go. It is incredibly adorable and truly does provide lessons to live by!

So, in times of struggle remember to just ask yourself, “what would Audrey Do?” and if you don’t make the right decisions at least you made them with the class of Audrey.
A x
P.s. As always head to the ‘shop’ page to find out where you can grab a copy.

p.p.s. You may notice that I have changed it from book of the week to book of the month.  Unfortunately due to my University and other writing commitments, as well as trying to make sure I have time to write regular posts, I haven’t had time to read one book every week. 


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