Review: Bare Minerals Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil!

When I first saw the Bare Minerals Oil Obsessed Cleansing Oil at the counter in Selfridges, it was the small blue flower on the box that made me think ‘aww that’s pretty’, So of course I picked it up. Once I read that it was a cleansing oil I immediately turned it over, read the back and asked the girl at the counter “how is this for really dry skin?”. She told me that it was really good because it was an oil and that she had dry skin and she loved it! Yes, I understand that they want a sale and that she may never have even used it herself, but I decided to have faith that she was telling the truth and buy it.

When I got around to using it at home I did that boring little thing of reading the instructions and gave it a go. On first opening it, I can tell you that it smells sensational! It is infused with the calming scent of lavender and tangerine of which really come through. It is also made with a blend features borage, sunflower, bilberry and cucumber oils and Sea Salts.

The oil comes in a long bottle with a pump, like hand soap. The instructions recommended using 3 to 4 pumps of the oil, so I thought I’d use 4. The oil just glides on to a dry face to dissolve any makeup, dirt or other impurities. Other than saying the oil feels, well, oily when you first put it on, there’s not much more I can say on that front. However, once you massage warm water into your face, the oil transforms into a lovely, soft cleansing milk that works wonders.

After rinsing off the oil-turned-cleansing-milk, my skin felt so smooth, soft and was noticeably improved after just one use. I followed up with my night moisturiser by No.7, as always, and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning my skin felt amazing! Yes the moisturiser would have played a part in this, but it definitely felt like a big improvement on using simple’s cleansing foam on my face.

I have been using Bare Minerals Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil now for a few days and I can honestly say that my skin hasn’t felt this good in a while! I am so happy that I bought this and would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys silky smooth skin.

It costs £22 and is available from some Bare Minerals counters, including the one at Selfridges, or to buy online. As always you can find it in the ‘shop’.

A x


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