This Weeks Top 5!

This week I have been listening to some old (and not so old) favourites.  So while this weeks top 5 isn’t all new songs, I still love ’em! 

1.) Emily Hearn – Volcano

Every since ‘Jane The Virgin’ played this song, I have been in love!  If you haven’t heard the song or of Emily Hearn yet, then go to YouTube, Spotify or iTunes and have a listen. 

2.) Darren Styles – Sydivin’

Darren Styles… I used to love this guy in high school, I still have his album in my CD collection! (and yes, I still listen to it). There are a few songs on it that I am more than happy to listen to on a loop, but this is one that I have been listening to more and more lately and I have no regrets. 

3.) Hamilton – Satisfied

I had never heard of the musical ‘Hamilton’ until 2 weeks ago when My music gave me this song to learn.  Ever since then I have been o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d with the whole soundtrack.  What I love about this song and soundtrack is that while it’s a song from a musical and has all of the usual theatrical appeal (which I love), it also has a lot of R&B tones running through it, making it stand out from other musical soundtracks. 

4.) Christina Aguilera – Genie in a Bottle 

Do I really need to say anything for this one?  90’s Xtina = so many childhood memories and bedroom/playground choreographed dances.  I will always have massive love for this song. 

4.) Dappy – Beautiful Me 

While I may have been hit in the face and had my wig part pulled off (accidentally) on live TV without an apology, just a swift-glance-and-then-look-away response from the singer, I do really like this song.  Ever since its release in 2015 I have loved this song and it is definitely one of my favourite songs, it really shows Dappys talents as a solo artist, not just one third of N DUBZ wearing those stupid hats. 


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