Autumn Fashion 2016

Autumn, or fall, is a strange time when it comes to the weather and knowing what to wear, especially in the UK. It’s getting colder so you know it’s time to start wearing warmer clothes, but at the same time it’s not quite winter-cold yet. It’s a time for toffee apples, bonfires, pumpkin spiced lattes, a good ol’ cup of tea and hot chocolate sprinkled with cinnamon sugar (if you haven’t tried that last one, trust me, it’s good). However, it’s also a time when you still feel comfortable taking a stroll through the park in just a few light layers, or drinking an ice cold frappe before the nose bitting chill of winter rolls in. This is a collection of a few of my favourite pieces this autumn!

Layers are a life saver in Autumn! You can go as light or as heavy as you want and they make it easy to transition from the warm temperatures of summer to colder months of winter.  Everywhere you turn you will see 90’s looks refashioned for 2016, and one of the big trends this season is layered T shirts and camisole style dresses.

I love this set from Miss Selfridge, it’s cute, I love the print and it’s great for building up your light autumn layers.

Pinafores are a big love of mine in any season, I just love them. So when I was browsing through the Topshop website and I came across these, I probably got a little more excited than a person should get over a pinafore and Instantly added them all to my shopping list!
I like that this one comes in a number or different colours as it just means that I get to buy it more than once!… My debit card isn’t quite as happy about that as I am.  Here are just a few of them.

One word, velvet. I was never a fan of velvet when I was younger, I hated to the way it felt to touch and I just wouldn’t wear it, oh how times change. I am so into velvet making a comeback bigger than ever this season. Velvet skirts, tops, jackets, dresses, chokers, velvet everything. This Autumn I am stocking up on velvet starting with some of my favourites so far.

This skirt from Topshop looks and feels great on. I like to wear it with black tights, boots, a cute tee and a nice cardi during the day. Or you coul pair it with an awesome crop top or bralette for a more night time look. Either way it’s great in all colours.


On my wish list I have this crushed velvet cropped top from Topshop which from what I can tell looks great with the velvet skirt.  I recently saw this store with a pair of high waist jeans and it looked great.

I love both of these dresses from New Look and Lipsy. I love square necklines any day of the week so I love the square neckline on this Navy velvet skater from Lipsy. It’s a simple, yet cute and flirty dress for party season. Who doesn’t love a good choker? With this dress from New Look I love the choker style neck with the plunging V-neck and flowery pattern.


Next up is this dungaree style dress from Superdry!  I love everything about this dress, the colours, the patterns, the material… everything.  I’m not going to lie, as soon as I saw it I wanted it, it’s perfect for autumn!


No matter how many pairs of shoes and boots I own, I find that there’s always one pair that I can wear all of the time with almost anything and they just… go.  They become a part of me for the entire season and this year my autumn boots are these from Topshop.  They’re comfortable, perfect for the chilly weather that makes your toes turn to icicles and can go with almost everything.


Sock boots are another love of mine this season, especially these ones.  Just make sure you don’t let the fact that they are from Marks and Spencer’s put you off, trust me.


Accessories, accessories, accessories!  Hats, scarves and gloves are threes neccesaties during the run up to winter.  These guys are pretty good at doing their job of keeping you toasty.

There are so many great pieces out there this season that I could go on for days, it’s ridiculous!  Instead I will leave you with just one more of my favourites (for now).

If you like a more cosy, slouchy, lazy day feeling dress, this skater baseball dress, again from Superdry, is great.  It’s loose fit and comfy material make it perfect for those effortless look days.

A x

As always, if you like the look of anything featured in this post, you will be able to find the link in the ‘shop’.


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